Current and Upcoming Programs

Business Analytics

Students learn to….

Think like a strategist and apply a customer-focused, experiment-based approach to every business challenge

Successfully craft and deploy modern data-driven business strategies and techniques

Master the most in-demand technologies that underpin the core of business science, with the certifications to prove it

Analyze outcomes and deliver insight-driven recommendations to varying levels and functions within the organization

Peek into our Digital Marketing Science Program

CMO Dashboard KPIs

Understanding Marketing ROI

Brand and Message Strategy

Buyer Personas

Sales & Marketing Alignment

SEO, PPC, Content, and Email Marketing

Funnel Optimization and A/B Testing

AI vs. Machine Learning: The Impact on Marketing

Google Analytics Training and Certification

Facebook Advertising Bootcamp

Marketo Deep Dive

Apprentorship™ Project Presentations

Designed by industry leaders, each program features:

  • Live streaming and in-person collaboration
  • Instructor and peer interaction
  • Individual and team-based assignments
  • Hands-on technical training
  • Real life work experience

How our programs work

Led by some of the most renowned industry leaders today, our curriculum puts students in a team-based, real world learning environment and challenges them to solve real-world problems.

Students participate in a live, virtual classroom experience

Complete pre-class tasks (readings, videos, etc.)

Interact with peers, instructors and teams

Submit team-based and individual assignments

Receive training and certifications in the most in-demand software applications

Complete an Apprentorship, a real world project with a sponsoring company

GreenFig partners with the leading software-application providers to develop the most up-to-date curriculum and technical training available.

Bring GreenFig to your campus

With the continuous advancement in technology and AI, business is in a constant state of flux, demanding skilled talent to survive. GreenFig is uniquely positioned to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment and develop curriculum and applied learning experiences that reflects what employers seek today (not last year). New software tools? We’ll know them cold. New business practices? We understand them inside and out. GreenFig can help ensure that your institution is the focal point for workforce development for the students and community you serve.

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The way professionals learn changes daily and the traditional methods taught by universities can’t capture the full scope of real-world requirements. I now have a highly relevant and well-rounded approach to digital marketing.



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Applying to GreenFig is easy. Just fill out an application online. As we review your application, we’ll be primarily focused on what makes you tick. Tell us who you are and why are you interested. What do you want to get out of it? What is your vision for the future? Tell us how you’re going to make a difference both here in the program and out in the world. We’re all ears.