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Our mission is to help individuals gain the digital skills and real-world experience they need to thrive in careers they love. We are an outcomes-driven organization embarking on a fantastic journey to positively impact the lives of millions of learners around the world.

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We create practical, industry-focused programs in high-growth career areas.

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How our certificate courses work

Led by proven industry leaders, our turnkey, 10-week courses are delivered fully online and combine self-directed (asynchronous) learning with live (synchronous) sessions.

Complete flexible on-demand learning, including videos, hands-on activities, interactive modules, and assessments

Participate in live/online interactive group sessions led by mentors or subject matter experts

Hands-on training with in-demand credentials from highly coveted business enabling software companies

Complete a strategic playbook featuring real-world projects that address today’s unique business challenges

Interact with peers, instructors and teams

GreenFig develops the most up-to-date curriculum and leading software application technical training available.

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With the continuous advancement in technology and AI, in-demand digital skills are evolving quickly. GreenFig is uniquely positioned to keep pace with the changing business environment to develop curriculum and applied learning experiences that reflect what employers seek today. New software tools? We’ll know them cold. New business practices? We’ll understand them inside and out. GreenFig can help ensure that your institution is the focal point for workforce development for the students and community you serve.

"After the course, I had three interviews in one week, one of which pays 45% more than my current salary."

Vicki P. Digital Marketing Science

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