Technology advances, talent gets left behind.

As the digital transformation rewrites the rules on how business gets done, companies are struggling to find talent fluent in tech platforms, systems, and practices. At the same time, individuals are challenged to find options for developing the digital skills they need to excel in careers in the modern economy.

New Rules.
New Role.

For industry to keep pace with the demands of the market, a new role has emerged – the business scientist. These individuals possess the “digital literacy” needed for the new economy, understand modern best practices, and know how to leverage technology to capture, analyze, and utilize data.

Business Analytics

Your university.
Our expertise.
A lasting partnership..

GreenFig is a market-driven education company that works behind the scenes, providing your community with the job-ready skills, technical training and experience needed for today’s job market. We build capacity with our turnkey, experiential learning programs.

Participants gain critical skills and substantial resume-building experience to accelerate career mobility:

Learn from industry experts

Live, interactive remote team-based learning run by hand-picked industry pros (e.g. CMO’s)

Train on digital platforms

Hands-on instruction and highly-coveted certifications in leading tech platforms

Experience on real projects

Real-world, team-based Apprentorship™ projects that address actual business challenges for a real company. 

GreenFig shares our passion for putting students at the center of a new kind of experiential learning that has the opportunity to unlock the digital workforce at scale.

Therese Ammiro Assistant Dean at UC Santa Cruz Extension, Silicon Valley

Win. Win. Win..


Participants graduate with in-demand technology certifications giving them a competitive advantage


Businesses fill their talent gaps with a steady supply of highly-trained business scientists


Universities strengthen relationships with the business community by providing high-impact programs that develop digital-ready talent

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“This Digital Marketing Science class was the best online course I've ever taken. The combination of live lecture with the chat feature brings students as close to a regular class setting as possible. And you gave us access to experts who shared stories that brought the material home.”

RITA Digital Marketing Science Grad, Fall 2018

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