Delivered fully online, our Sales Operations Science course is taught by industry experts and covers all of the key areas required to be effective at driving the productivity and capacity of a company’s selling resources. You’ll create a Strategic Sales Operations Playbook with activities to advance a real-world company’s sales team efforts for increased productivity and revenue.

Sales Operations Playbook

The Sales Operations Playbook includes strategic concepts such as Sales Ops Structure, Lead Management, Forecasting, Business Model Canvas, and Pyramid Analysis.

Salesforce Trailhead Credentials

In addition, you’ll walk away with a curated collection of Salesforce Trailhead badges including Sales Productivity, Data Management, Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience, Sales Team Enablement, and Sales Territory Planning.

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply sales performance management techniques (territories, quotas, pricing) to enhance an organization’s sales objectives
  • Manage key technologies leveraged by Sales Operations professionals, including Customer Relationship Management automation (Salesforce Sales Cloud)
  • Analyze an organization’s existing vs. ideal tech stack based on the company’s products, industry, customers, and sales team
  • Collaborate with the sales, marketing, finance, executive leadership, and other teams to increase efficiency
  • Implement meaningful Sales Operations improvements to a real-world company

Ready to get skilled in sales Ops?

Our Learners

Our course attracts learners who are motivated to expand their knowledge and grow their careers. Their backgrounds are wide and varied, including professionals from sales, sales ops, and finance. Our course is ideal for anyone who identifies with one of the following profiles:

  • Sales, sales ops or business-focused professionals looking to fill knowledge and skill set gaps and upgrade long-term growth potential
  • CRM-certified administrators looking to gain “big picture” understanding of Sales Operations
  • Individuals considering a career in a sales-related capacity who want to build new skill sets and gain in-demand Salesforce Trailhead badges
  • Working professionals looking to expand their career opportunities by becoming more knowledgeable in
    sales-focused aspects of the business (i.e., finance, business operations, HR or other related fields)
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business by utilizing a set of Sales tools

Your Time

You should expect to spend four to six hours engaging with on-demand content created by industry experts, including hands-on activities and assignments in the online learning management system (LMS). Additionally, optional (but recommended) weekly live/online group sessions are available for engaging in real time with peers, experts and mentors.

What You'll Learn

• Terminology
• Big Picture
• Key Sales Processes

• Sales Enablement
• Sales Execution
• Sales Performance

• Sales Dashboards and Metrics
• Salesforce Setup
• Data Quality
• Quota and Territory Management
• Working with Marketing

• Sales Tech Stack
• Sales Force Automation

What You'll Earn

Knowledge and Experience
A university-issued certificate of completion that verifies knowledge and hands-on experience relevant to the following roles:
• Sales Operations Manager
• Sales Operations Director
• Sales Operations Specialist
• Sales Operations Analyst
• Sales Development Representative
• Business Development Representative
• Business Analyst Specialist
• CRM Specialist
• CRM Administrator
• Business Operations Specialist
• Business Operations Analyst

Earn 14 Salesforce Trailhead badges during the course, including:
• Sales Performance Strategies
• Sales Team Enablement
• Sales Productivity
• Territory Management
• Reports and Dashboards
• Data Management


WEEK 1: Introduction to Sales Operations
Understand the key fundamentals of Sales Operations, including roles and responsibilities.

WEEK 2: Introduction to Salesforce & Trailhead
Understand the key fundamentals of Sales Operations, including roles and responsibilities.

WEEK 3: Lead Management
Understand what a lead is and how Salesforce and other CRMs help you to manage leads.

WEEK 4: Sales Performance Management
Explore how systems and structure support sales team success.

WEEK 5: Strategic Sales Performance Metrics & KPIs
Explore the metrics required to ensure optimal sales performance.

WEEK 6: Planning & Execution Frameworks
Explore the Business Model Canvas and define key activities for process improvement projects.

WEEK 7: Sales Incentive Plans & Territory Management
Find out how incentive plans and territories interact to help sales teams zero in on company goals.

WEEK 8: Quota Setting & Performance
Explore quota setting best practices as well as plan measures and mechanics.

WEEK 9: Go-to-Market Strategy
Explore go-to-market strategies and differentiate between Sales Training and Sales Enablement.

WEEK 10: Your Personal Go-to-Market Strategy
Map out various paths and prepare for career advancement opportunities.