GVSU is partnering with GreenFig, the leader in applied business science certifications, to provide you with the digital skills and real-world experience you need to pursue a career you'll love.

Today’s digital jobs require the experience and skills to operate ever-changing technology. Our Digital Marketing Science program is uniquely designed to give you the skills you need to take advantage of today’s job opportunities.

Earn in-demand Certifications

Get expert-led, real-world technical training on the most in-demand marketing software applications. Gain resume-building certifications from Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and a Digital Marketing Science certification from GreenFig. You'll also walk away with a head start on certifications offered from Marketo, The Trade Desk, and Facebook.

Google Analytics Certification

Google Ads

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Marketo Certified Associate

Trading Academy Programmatic Certified

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Learn from industry experts

You’ll learn innovative techniques and technologies from our roster of hand-picked industry pros—chief marketing officers and other global experts. Gain real-world insights and deep knowledge to prepare you for today’s top in-demand jobs.

Complete real-world projects with an Apprentorship™

Through an Apprentorship™, our proprietary, mentored apprenticeship-like experience, you'll collaborate with a team on a digital marketing project for a real company. Throughout the course, you will build your strategy, execute your program, and at the end of the course, present your findings to the Apprentorship company.

What students are saying

“This Digital Marketing Science class was the best online course I've ever taken. The combination of live lecture with the chat feature brings students as close to a regular class setting as possible. And you gave us access to experts who shared stories that brought the material home.”

Rita, Digital Marketing Science Grad, Fall 2018

“This Digital Marketing Science course changed my career trajectory.

Owen, Digital Marketing Science Grad, Summer 2016

“The program gave me a holistic understanding of marketing concepts and strategies which enabled me to advance my career.”

Katie, Digital Marketing Science Grad, Fall 2017

“As I progressed in the GreenFig program, I gravitated toward the sales and marketing strategy courses. Gaining the skills and real-world application of how everything works together in the sales funnel gave me the confidence to change my career focus and go after a new job that allows me to grow even more.”

Gavin McGinnis, Digital Marketing Science Grad, Spring 2019

How Our Courses Work


Access the live, online and interactive broadcast via your computer with select students from your university and around the world.


Fall Term:
13-week program
2 Nights a Week
12 hours/week
(including out-of-class work)


Job-readiness (not for credit) with real-life work experience.


What You'll Master

Classes for our fall program are held on Monday and Wednesdays from 3-6 PM PT/6-9 PM ET


What Does a Marketer Do?

September 2

Digital Marketing Perspectives

September 4

Influence and Journey

September 9

Marketing Success: Goals and Measures

September 9

Marketing's Role in an Organization

September 11


Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy & Messaging

September 16

Developing a Messaging Strategy

September 18

Who is Your Customer?

September 23

What is Your Customer's Journey?

September 25

Content: What Your Customer Sees

September 30


Journey to Channels: Graphing Customer Experience

October 7

Search Engine Optimization

October 9

Paid Advertising

October 23

Permission Marketing

October 30

Module 4: Using marketing technology

The Marketing Technology Stack

November 4

Google Analytics

November 6

Marketing Automation

November 11

Programmatic Ad Buying

November 18

Emerging Technology and Marketing

November 20


Prepare and present on company projects executed throughout the course

November 4

Meet the instructors

They’re living it. Your expert instructors work in the industry today and are eager to pass along their expertise to you.

Justin Williams

Chief instructor

Tracy Eiler

CMO, InsideView

Steve Patti

head of marketing, sales enablement & partnerships, Merge

Sandra Freeman

Head of Strategic Marketing, Engagio

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a laptop or other required technology?

  • A laptop computer
  • An audio headset with microphone
  • A webcam (built-in or USB plug-in)
  • Internet connection

Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

Characteristics of an ideal candidate include: someone who is tech savvy and inquisitive; driven and motivated to learn and apply new skills; curious about other disciplines in marketing; has a desire to understand and apply data; is a metrics-oriented multi-tasker, who can balance the time commitment required for the program with other responsibilities.

Our program is ideal for:

  • Recent graduates
  • Marketing professionals (1-5 years experience) looking to update their skill sets
  • Experienced professionals re-entering the workforce
  • Working professional looking to make a shift into digital marketing
  • Veterans re-entering the workforce

Do I need to have previous marketing experience?

Not necessarily.  Some material may be more advanced to those without any previous marketing experience, in which case the instructors and teaching assistants would work with you to help fill the knowledge gap to ensure you are getting a full experience.

How many hours a week should I expect to spend on the program?

Between the online class sessions and assignments, pre-class preparation, and career services activities, you should plan to invest 12 hours/week.

Where does the program take place?

You’ll join the instructor-led live broadcast online through our video conference platform. During the live broadcast, you and your peers will complete individual or team-based assignments, participate in group discussions, and interact real-time with your instructors. Outside of the live class sessions, you will spend time preparing for live class sessions by accessing content and completing tasks through the online learning portal. The online learning portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.