July 19, 2018

Getting a Tax Refund? Invest in You, and A Future in Digital Marketing

Cari Baldwin | General Manager, GreenFig
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Cari Baldwin | General Manager, GreenFig

Registration Now Open for Fall 2017 Digital Marketing Science Course

The average income tax refund last year was about $3,000.  If you are lucky enough to get something back from Uncle Sam this year, what will you do with it? Pay off a credit card? Plan a vacation?  Go on a shopping spree? Why not invest in you?

Digital Marketing – Opportunities Galore

A quick search on Indeed.com shows there is a need for marketing talent – more jobs available than skilled workers to fill them. If you are considering investing in you, now is the time. Our Fall 2017 Digital Marketing Science course is starting to fill, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn, grow and invest in your future.

What You Will Learn

This course is taught in 5 modules, each building upon the previous:

Fundamentals – We will cover a wide range of topics such as business boot camp (For example, what is the difference between B2B and B2C? How are successful marketing and sales departments organized? How do smart companies set revenue targets?), to understanding what KPIs (key performance indicators) Chief Marketing Officers need to track to ensure ROI (return on investment), to the value of sales and marketing alignment.

Strategy –  Smart digital marketers understand the value of strategy, so we have made this a key component of the educational journey. Learners will gain meaningful insights in the areas of brand positioning; value propositions & messaging; persona development and the buyer’s journey; and content strategy and storytelling. By learning and understanding strategy, and how to align strategy to tactics, our students are bringing value to their jobs on day one.

Digital Marketing Tactics – This module will focus on foundational tactics including pay-per-click, SEO (search engine optimization), full funnel engagement strategies and website optimization, as well as explore trends that are driving marketing execution improvements including Account Based Marketing (ABM) and social analytics.

Technology – Marketing technologies are the cornerstone of today’s modern marketing department and an area that is growing annually.  Scott Brinker’s 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic highlights 5,381 solutions, an increase of about 40 percent from 2016.  Today’s marketers must embrace technology, and GreenFig provides training in the top marketing applications including Marketo, the industry-leading marketing automation software. Students will earn a certification from Marketo and Google upon successful completion of the course, an impressive addition to their resume.

Real-world ProjectLearning by doing helps our students apply what they have learned in a collaborative and supportive environment.  Real-world projects might include designing and executing a digital strategy for a new project launch, creating and implementing a new PPC program for demand generation, or launching a webinar series for cross-selling and upsell initiatives – all will include executing programs in Marketo. We are partnering with innovative companies that see the value in working with GreenFig students and are looking for talent within their own organizations. In fact, we have seen GreenFig students work as interns and employees directly following real-world projects.  This is real resume building work and the opportunity to connect with hiring managers is extremely valuable.

Be Job-Ready and Learn From the Experts

GreenFig is laser-focused on developing job-ready talent in applied business science. Our Digital Marketing Science graduates are awarded certificates from Google and are prepared for certification exams in Marketo, which are highly sought after by today’s employers.

Our instructors are innovators, market leaders and field experts passionate about sharing their business acumen and helping our students succeed. By sharing knowledge and providing mentorship, our who’s who list of entrepreneurs, executives and strategists are creating a new generation of business thinkers and doers prepared to succeed wherever they go.  This fall’s Digital Marketing Science course list of leaders will be your guides on the path to job readiness.

Apply today!

And remember, as the wise Warren Buffet says “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

To Lifelong Learning,

Cari Baldwin,

General Manager


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