July 19, 2018

Change Your Career Trajectory

Libby Unger | CEO & Co-Founder, GreenFig
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Libby Unger | CEO & Co-Founder, GreenFig

Webinar: How to demand a higher salary

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In today’s digital economy, there is no shortage of quality, high-paying jobs. The problem is, there is a shortage of workers who possess the skills needed to obtain those jobs.

GreenFig is here to bridge that gap. We help talented individuals develop their digital skills and precisely match them to the needs of hiring companies. And, we do it quickly.

There are a host of reasons that you may need a digital skills upgrade. Perhaps you are a recent college graduate who needs to add real-world experience to your resume in order to improve your job prospects. You may be aiming for an internal promotion, but you need the latest digital tools to do it.  Or, as the head of a marketing department, you may be looking for ways to upskill your team in order to bring outsourced digital marketing initiatives in-house.

To be sure, there are other online education programs out there. But GreenFig is different. Our courses — focused exclusively on high-demand skills areas, such as digital marketing — take place in an accelerated experiential learning environment taught by current industry experts.

What does that mean for our learners? For starters, you need only commit to an average of 10 hours each week. Secondly, because our curriculum includes a real-world project for a real-world company, our students graduate with the know-how and experience necessary for a job-ready resume. Finally, since our instructors are experts in their fields, our students develop skills precisely matched to what hiring managers are looking for now, as well as invaluable industry connections and references.

At GreenFig, we do not email you reading materials and expect you to go it alone. Our unique hybrid approach combines live, interactive online and offline team-based learning with real-time, hands-on instruction laser-focus on skill development and job-readiness.

Attend our webinar on July 11 to learn:

  • What it means to be a business scientist in today’s digital economy
  • How to bridge the gap between a liberal arts degree and a job-ready resume
  • How current professionals can quickly update their skills for greater earning potential and career advancement
  • Details on our fall Digital Marketing course

Our webinar on July 11th, 2017 will also include a first-hand account from a recent GreenFig graduate. He will share his experience and explain how he leveraged his new skills and industry connections to obtain a quality position as a digital marketer.

Our graduates say they can have a conversation in an executive-level boardroom with confidence. You can, too. Find out how to change the trajectory of your career from status quo to rising star.

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To lifelong learning,

Libby Unger

Co-founder and CEO


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The World Economic Forum cites, “[the digital economy] is disrupting almost every industry in every country. And, these changes herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance.” Where land, oil, and capital drove the past three Industrial Ages, this new “4th Industrial Age” is powered by “digital oil” – data. Companies are building and deploying systems of intelligence to prospect, discover, and refine the digital oil of the digital economy. And, the miners of this digital oil are “business scientists”. Business scientists must understand how to capture, observe, and utilize customer, financial, market, and product data. They do not necessarily have to be technical – as in know how to code – instead, they must learn how to generate and review business data and use their creative skills to operate business application software. In the US, politicians, academia, and industry leaders are currently placing a tremendous focus on technical training, coding, and other STEM programs. However, the unspoken truth is that many of these positions will eventually be eliminated through advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, many people are simply not interested or well-suited for these technical programs, degrees, and jobs. However, people who are creative and critical thinkers – products of liberal arts programs – are ideally suited to fill the positions of the digital economy. All they need is some additional specialized training and knowledge. Micro Education companies and microdegrees are well-designed to provide such training.

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