Over 10,000 specialized business applications exist today, yet 70 percent of digital initiatives will fail, primarily due to skill gaps.


The GreenFig bridge to success

GreenFig works with universities to provide students and learners an accelerated path to a job in business science. With GreenFig, students learn by working on real-world projects leveraging the high-demand soft machinery companies are using today. Delivered by proven experts in their fields (e.g. CXO’s), the program culminates in our "Apprentorship," a real-world, team-based project working with a company on a real-life strategic challenge.

A hands-on approach

We believe the right formula to accelerate proficiency and job-readiness is to combine online and offline team-based learning with an emphasis on “doing.” We put students in the cockpit, working in the most in-demand software programs so they can develop an intuitive understanding how businesses work across all functions – sales, marketing, customer service, etc.

How GreenFig compares to…

Online Education Programs

Mainly focused on technical subjects, these programs lack the real-time, interactive, hands-on instruction, business science training, and real-world work experience that companies value.

Application Software Companies

These do a great job at upskilling people on a particular software, but are fairly limited in that they don’t teach multiple technologies and apply them to bigger concepts in a holistic way.

Traditional Corporate Training

Most employers do not have the time, resources, budget, or inclination to train new workers who will only be staying for an average of three years. They prefer new hires who are ready to hit the ground running.

Our instructors are experts at the top of their fields

Sharp, seasoned, and fresh from the field, our experts are executives helping to drive the trends, technology, and major initiatives that are shaping the business world today.

We teach a lot more than the tech

From Marketo to Salesforce, Google Analytics to HubSpot - the stack continues to grow. GreenFig doesn’t just teach the tech, but also the applicable business principles. We get students thinking about what they’re trying to accomplish, the business case supporting the initiative, and the best way to use the technology to achieve  their goals. When students graduate from GreenFig, they have the strategic savvy, coveted certifications, and valuable connections to companies seeking their exact set of skills.

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