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We asked our grads about their experience with GreenFig. Here's what they had to say.

This course was a game changer for me. It was the foundation layer of my digital career and since completion I've been able to continue my education in becoming a true Marketing Strategist and specialist in specific areas. Without the comprehensive Apprentorship™ I'm not sure I'd have built the confidence to keep going and learning solo. They really made things that I was afraid of (helllllo javascript) something familiar and even accessible. They spoke to me in my language. I learn by doing.

Kimberly Roth
If I were to tell a friend about this program...

Do it! Even if marketing isn't what you want to do for the rest of your life, this course is so valuable. Even if you don't have marketing knowledge, this course is so valuable. This is just a remarkable opportunity that anyone would be lucky to have.

katie russel
If I were to tell a friend about this program...

Don't waste your time wondering if you should make the switch. Having these skills will only improve your odds of being a vital hire now and in the future.

Katie gomez

Thank you for empowering me to really step outside of my comfort zone, to conquer my fear of technology and to embrace lifelong learning. I know we were all aiming for the certificate, but I reaped so much more out of this cohort! Intrinsic motivation is a beautiful thing.

Mayna NG
which portion of the experience was your favorite?

The ability to focus on these skills will allow me to overcome and reset my candidacy on what I know is leading-edge content right now.

LaJuanda denny
If I were to tell a friend about this program...

This is the perfect program to enhance your knowledge on Digital Marketing. It touches on all the valuable aspects of Digital Marketing from textbook, strategy, to marketing technologies.

Jasmine rashid
the best thing I learned...

Is to think like a business. I had four years of college but none of it made me think the way a company needs. I had no way of gaining that valuable experience without the course!

Delgado Corcoran
the best thing I learned was…

Such important information I applied immediately to my business. I also understand the digital marketing space much better. This was a large gap in my professional knowledge and even though I don't have advanced skills in each software/platform, I know enough to provide solutions for clients and steer them in the right direction.

alison lovelace

I have now found a passion for Salesforce. The class was amazing. I learned so much from Irina and the awesome instructors that taught the class. Once again thank you so much. This truly has changed my way of thinking and my life given I just landed a new job in sales.

The best thing I learned...

All of it! The expansive curriculum was helpful to learn multiple areas of digital marketing. We got a lot of great advice and guidance about the marketing industry, to help us navigate our job search.

Lauren Kovaleski
the best thing I learned was…

A better holistic approach to digital marketing. Whether it is the components that make up (the funnel/loop), the tools (Google Ads, Analytics, Marketo, HubSpot), or the strategy, I feel this course helped provide a good foundation.

Gavin Mcginnis

I had a great experience. I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would. I plan to use all this knowledge to start up my own business soon!

Havid Sempertegui
The best thing I learned...

Working with all different people from the other side of the world and getting to gain insightful information from various sources – from Justin and Tracy, to Joh at Treehut, and Steve Patti – it was extremely helpful and great for my own personal development.

lisa manson

It has been so wonderful attending and completing this class. I am so thankful for all the learning, shared experiences, meeting great industry experts and making friends with a cohort full of people learning and growing together. At a personal level, the class helped me greatly in upskilling, networking, keeping me on a career path and helping me navigate the subtle differences in application of marketing techniques across two countries.

Nidhi Sahni

The course promotes the facilitation of independence, critical thought, and creative thinking.

Felicia Goad
which portion of the experience was your favorite?

Working for a real client was challenging and exciting. Partnering with an organization that invested time and resources into our team was a greater incentive to produce quality work and results.

haley edmondson

Landed a part time remote position because of GreenFig. I feel solid on the strategy and what I want to create.

Jennifer battle
the best thing I learned was…

Real-world experience working remotely! If you want to work remotely the course will give you the confidence to succeed. The job market is evolving and you have to be willing to change to be valuable. Invest in yourself and your future. You won't regret it!

jasmine frazier
The best thing I learned...

The best thing I know how to do now is create an effective marketing strategy utilizing user personas to determine the best marketing channels. My Google Ads and Analytics knowledge is already being put to work, just days after completing the program.

jordan burk

The class content was like discovering a new world, and the Apprentorship™ was an adventure in that new world.

Alex bennett

I own a business, and I have been able to change my marketing to speak to my audience, which resulted in more leads and conversions.

Krystal ross

This Digital Marketing Science class was the best online course I've ever taken.  The combination of live lecture with the chat feature brings students as close to a regular class setting as possible. And you gave us access to experts who shared stories that brought the material home.

Rita roth
The best thing I learned...

Everything! I loved marketing strategy the best, but I really value what I learned in automation since that's an important part of marketing today.

Marina rapley
The best thing I developed was ...

My ability to make solid actionable decisions based on data. I didn't know a thing just a few months ago and now I am confident in my ability to read and use all this data.

kimberli roth
My favorite part of the experience was...

I work more at a strategic level, so applying the digital strategy component and now knowing how to better connect with my digital teams and ask the right questions has been really helpful.

amanda welsh
My favorite part of the experience was...

Learning about the technologies was great because I am graduating and am looking for a job currently. I did also love the Apprentorshp™.

alyssa cole
If I were to tell a friend about this program...

If you are a specialist, you can take this course to be able to see the big picture of marketing. If you are a generalist, you can take this course to identify which area you want to specialize in.

Yumika Kokima
the best thing I learned...

Understanding of Tools, Tactics for SEO, Marketo, GA, Google Ads. Also, putting an actual campaign together and bringing tools together was very helpful.

Donelle duval

Thanks! I am happy to tell you that I got a job offer! It's going to be a Marketo-intensive job which was my favorite thing to learn in the Digital Marketing Science program.

Mimi Chung
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