Why the Digital Economy Needs More Liberal Arts Majors

Learn about the impact of the digital economy on the workforce and how universities can help graduates pursue digital-age careers they’ll love, starting with their first job after college.


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It’s no secret that digital technology is reshaping our economy, and thus the skills students need to be job-ready upon graduation. But what some critics describe as a “skills gap” that sidelines educators, we see as a “skills shortage” – an opportunity that Higher Education institutions are uniquely, and quintessentially, positioned to address. So, what’s needed and what’s possible?

Join Nathan Gamble, VP of Product and Sara Leoni, CEO of GreenFig to hear the latest data and trends around the digital gap and how it's affecting recent graduates.

We’ll share a 30-minute presentation on trends we’re observing with technology developers, business, institutions, and students alike. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re seeing some exciting, innovative ideas take shape.  We’ll share a few, and leave 15 minutes at the end of the webinar to ask questions or share your own ideas about how to prepare our communities for the quickening pace of change that is shaping the future jobs and lives of today’s learners.

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